Las Vegas soul food: Rich in culture, history & tradition

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The Family Soul Restaurant started on wheels about 13 years ago. But as of the last two years, they've got a brick-and-mortar on Rainbow Boulevard and Smoke Ranch Road, serving customers cuisine that originated in the deep South and has African roots.

— Shakeria Hawkins

25 Black-Owned Restaurants in Las Vegas

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Although Las Vegas's culinary scene often seems dominated by the big names on the Strip, the Nevada city is chock-full of delicious restaurants-many of which are Black-owned. Whether you're looking for a taste of home while visiting Sin City or searching out an unforgettable treat to stave off a hangover, Las Vegas is a good place to embark on an exploration of dishes from different cuisines and backgrounds.

— Emily Zemler

A Las Vegas food truck favorite drops anchor with Family Soul

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Family Soul made its debut in the fall just across the street from the AMC Rainbow Promenade movie theaters in the northwest Valley, serving up truck favorites and expanding the menu with fried fish and other Southern-style dishes.

— Brock Radke

'I do it for my city': Local man opens Family Soul restaurant in Las Vegas

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Chatman says he has always wanted to open his own restaurant and has been operating the food truck Soul Food Cafe Express for the past 10 years. Then last November, he opened Family Soul on North Rainbow Boulevard and Smoke Ranch Road.

— Alicia Pattillo

Soul Source

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Having operated a successful Soul Food Café Express food truck business for 10 years, Daniel always had aspirations to grow the business.'Family Soul restaurant is an extension of my food truck business,' he said. 'Ultimately, we knew we wanted to open a restaurant and we knew we had to move into a brick-and-mortar building.'